Shark Attack Victims

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Shark Attack Victims


Anonymous said...

i fell sorry for all of these people who got attacked by a shark in the ocean's water even though we are really sorry 4 wat these sharks did to u all of these years. we all of us will pray 4 u people that got attacked by any of these sharks........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for the people that got atacked by a shark and i will prey for them

Anonymous said...

Praying 4 you

Anonymous said...

i pray for althose that were attacted i am future coast guard and i hope to save people from attacks like these

Anonymous said...

Number 5 is sooooooo fake other than that im sorry for everyone

how num 5 is fake:
look carefully at the foot he holdin it clearly plastic
next he has the foot if a shark tore your foot off you dont get it back
also i dont think there are many sharks at resturants (coke in front of him) and if you got bit by a shark you would most likely go to a hospital