Whale Shark Pictures

A whale shark swims
Whale Shark Pictures

Supposedly originating about 60 million years ago Whale sharks are friendly with the human beings as they feed only on small fishes, phytoplankton, macro-algae, plankton and krill.

One of the largest fish species found in tropical and warm ocean, the Whale shark moves slowly at the speed of not more than of 5 km/h. By 40 fit of its length and 15 ton weight the Whale shark looks to a greater extent eerie creature. But as far as its predatory move causing an onslaught on its prey is concerned, it is not as much active as any other oceanic specie may supposed to be. They do not cause any harm to the human diver contrary to other similar types of Sharks.

Instead of feeding upon flesh of any big animal Whale Shark rather grabs the small fishes and different types of other tiny creatures of the ocean. Its life spans over 70 years by age. The Whale sharks are found in Bay Islands in Honduras, Thailand, the Philippines, the Maldive, the Red Sea, Western Australia, Belize, Tofu Beach in Mozambique, Sodwana Bay in South Africa, at the Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Seychelle, West Malaysian, Sri Lanka and in Puerto Rico.

As far as their being social is concerned, it has been seen that despite being habitual of living in melancholy the Whale sharks become gregarious while sharing foods available in plenty.
Whale shark swimming in Australia

Whale shark with open mouth

Whale shark on water surface

Baby Whale shark

Whale shark with divers

Whale shark feeding

Tiny Whale shark resting

Whale shark on the sea surface

Whale shark on its way for hunting

Female Whale shark

Huge Whale shark in Mexico

Whale shark taking a dive

Male Whale shark in Atlantic Ocean

Whale shark underwater

Fully grown Whale shark in the sea

Close view of Whale shark
Whale Shark Pictures

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