Bull Shark Pictures

Bull shark resting on the sea floor
Bull Shark Pictures

Bull shark is a dangerous one as it gets very easily aggressive due to any stranger seemingly annoying it even with its non maligned intention. Living in warm shallow marine water the Bull shark is an ill-tempered, waging a boisterous marine battle with its enemy.

Studies have revealed that contrary to other Shark's Calm nature the Bull sharks attack on human divers just like the White shark and Tiger sharks, provided they visualize them in the sea water nearing closer to them.

Being nomadic and capable of tolerating different types of temperature of different ocean waters, which they pass through instigates them to cause a fierce attack even on human beings. Being found throughout the world the Bull sharks are considered to be notorious for feeding upon the corpses being flown on Indian rivers.

The place where they are found in abundance include India, South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam and Australia. Despite residing deeper into the ocean it can't swim below 30 meter sea water surface.

The female Bull shark happens to be much larger than its male counterpart by its size and shape. Male Bull shark weighs 91kg while female weighs 318 kg. As far as the length is concerned it is 12 fit for the female Bull shark and 7 fit for male Bull shark.

Hunting and feeding amongst the Bull shark is far different in comparison with White and Tiger sharks as they attack on their prey fuaraciously and vigorously and eat the flesh chewing and swallowing in a sequence.

Bull shark swimming

A deadly male Bull shark

Close view of Bull shark

Bull shark feeds on shallow reef

Female Bull shark swims by

An adult Bull shark sleeping

Side view of Bull shark

Fully grown Bull shark in the sea

Dangerous Bull shark under water

Underside view of Bull shark

Baby Bull shark in the sea

Bull shark deep in the sea

Bull shark in an aquarium

Bull shark feeds on reef

Bull shark caught in Inland River

A young Bull shark on its way to sea floor
Bull Shark Pictures

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Dennis said...

I was going through all your pictures to help me identify a shark that came right along side my kayak yesterday off North Padre Island Texas. One picture you have marked as Bull Shark is a Sand Tiger Shark. I swim with one every week at the Texas State Aquarium so I know first hand. Dennis