Reef Sharks Pictures

Close Up Gray Reef Shark California
Reef Sharks Pictures

The Reef Sharks prefer to live in a warm shallow water varying between 20 and 28° C by its temperature. Reef Shark has generally been found cuddling in a group in the sea water.

Reef Sharks can be recognized by their rounded snout or nose, length of their body measuring 7 fit and Grey color of their upper portion of body. The weight of an adult Reef Shark has been measured approximately 50 kg.

The preys which the Reef Shark depends on for the sake of fulfilling its need of foods include reef fish, crabs, crustaceans and other mollusks. The Reef Shark is a viviparous shark and gives not more than 2 to 4 pups at time through a litter.

Reef shark flying up in the sea

Reef shark along with 100s of fishes

Side view of Reef shark

School of Reef sharks

Big Reef shark deep in the sea

Reef shark on the sea floor

Reef shark hunting for food

Reef shark taking a u-turn

Reef shark moving towards the sea floor

Reef shark resting

Reef sharks feeding

Small female Reef shark

Huge Reef shark swimming

Reef shark in an aquarium

Baby Reef shark along with fish

Close view of Reef shark

Male Gray Reef shark at night

Underneath of Gray Reef shark

Gray Reef shark in an open water

Gray Reef shark on the water surface

Fully grown Reef shark

Reef shark deep in the blue sea
Reef Sharks Pictures

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