Dogfish Shark Pictures

An Adult female Dogfish shark
Dogfish Shark Pictures

Being a small gregarious marine creature the Dogfish Sharks are the dwellers of deep sea carpet water. They can be found cuddling in a group of hundred to one thousand of Dogfishsharks in the sea, roaming from one place to another specially searching the temperate water of 5 to15 degree Celsius temperature.

The length of the Dogfish Shark does not exceed 2 fit and is not as aggressive as are the other species of the sharks. As far as the availability of Dogfish Shark in the sea water is concerned, it is found in abundance in the sea water and is not supposed to be a rarest species of the sharks, as are some other sharks.

They are also called the spiny dogfish, piked dogfish, skittle dogfish, spotted dogfish, white-spotted dogfish, codshark, and thorn dogshark. Its poisonous dorsal fins work as a protective shield in helping it protect it from any kind of external aggression and attack.

The Dogfish Shark, being calm and not harmful for the humans, is used in the laboratories as well for a variety of lab tests needed to be conducted on the sea mammals.

Interesting thing about the Dogfish Shark has its gestation period which goes up to 24 months giving the birth to 2 to 13 pups in a litter at a time. The gestation period of the Dogfish Shark is too longer even in comparison with other giant sharks like White and Blue shark.

Having the smaller snouts and small eyes the Dogfish Shark bears a deep gray and white spots over entire parts of its body. Dogfish Shark prefers to eat only the smaller fishes, squids and octopus.
Baby Dogfish shark

Smooth spiny Dogfish Shark

Spiny Dogfish shark in dark waters

Close view of Dogfish shark

School of Dogfish sharks

Dogfish shark resting

Male Dogfish shark sleeping

Baby Dogfish shark in an aquarium

Dogfish shark hunting for food

Tiny Dogfish shark hiding his face

A deadly Dogfish shark

Fully grown Dogfish shark on the sandy sea floor

An adult Dogfish shark

Spiny Dogfish shark hiding on sea floor

Hungry Dogfish shark ready for hunting
Dogfish Shark Pictures

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You Can Get These In Cornwall , I Was There Last year And Came Across One Swimming After Me Is That Normal ? And it was a Spotted Shark well i think it was it was the 2nd picture the spotted dogfish , would it hurt if it had attacked ??