Cookie Cutter Sharks Pictures

Hungry Cookie Cutter shark
Cookie Cutter Sharks Pictures

Cookie Cutter Shark is a gregarious marine creature remaining into the deep sea water during the day and coming on to the sea surface in the night hours. Cookie Cutter Sharks are the sea sharks found in plenty in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. It is recognized by its name Cookie Cutter Shark because of its cookie-shaped wounds that it causes on the bodies of its prey supposedly the larger sea animals. Cookie Cutter Sharks reacts to an attack by any marine creature giving sufficient time to the attacker and defending it strategically. It causes an onslaught on its offender which proves its having efficient flexibility required for a sea animals. Though the Cookie Cutter Shark is known to make any kind of feasible sea animal prey for the sake of fresh flesh, it is generally known for eating the squid only.
Close view of cookie cutter shark

cookie cutter shark teeth

Cookie Cutter Shark Bite on a Dolphin

A cookie cutter shark's flabby lips

cookie cutter shark swimming

A cookie cutter shark sleeping
Cookie Cutter Sharks Pictures

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